Speaking Engagements


12 July 2011
‘Living with Shakespeare’
Association for Medical Humanities


8 August 2010
Midsummer Night’s Dream
Bodleian Convocation House, Oxford
Shakespeare’s Globe on Tour

12 May 2010
‘Shakespeare, Anatomies and Surgical Theatre’
Harveian Society
13 April 2010
‘Helen of Troy’
The Shakespeare Club
Stratford upon Avon
17 March 2010
‘Shakespeare and the City of London’
The Worshipful Company of Founders


13 May 2009
'Representing Helen of Troy’
Friends of the Bodleian
Bodleian Library, 1pm

5 May 2009
‘Into the Woods with Will’
Regent’s Park College, Oxford

4 April
‘Representing Helen of Troy’
Sunday Times Oxford Literary Festival
Christchurch College, Oxford

1 April 2009
‘Shakespeare’s Names’
Sunday Times Oxford Literary Festival
Christchurch College, Oxford

14 March 2009
‘W. W. Greg as Literary Critic’
Trinity College, Cambridge

3 February 2009
‘Helen of Troy’
Merton College, Oxford


20 September 2008
‘Orality in Literature’
with Seamus Heaney, Julian Barnes and Katie Mitchell
Magdalen College Auditorium
550th Anniversary Waynflete Symposium on Literature

22 August 2008
Introducing The Winter’s Tale
(Bodleian Convocation House, Oxford.
In partnership with Shakespeare’s Globe on Tour)

9 July 2008
‘Shakespeare and the Goldsmiths’
Goldsmiths’ Hall, London
By invitation of the Goldsmiths only

9 February 2009
"Where there's a Will"
Oxford Wives' Fellowship.
St Andrew's Room, Linton Road, Oxford 2pm

1 July 2008
"Marlowe’s Contemporaries and Helen of Troy”
Marlowe Society of America International Conference
University of Kent at Canterbury

24 June 2008
King Lear
Shakespeare’s Globe
London, 6pm

4 June 2008
"Shakespeare's Names"
Shakespeare Birthplace Trust
Stratford upon Avon 1pm

12 May 2008
"Where there's a Will there's a Way"
Swindon Literary Festival, noon

8 May 2008
“Beauty and Helen of Troy”
Shakespeare Institute
Stratford upon Avon

2 May 2008
“The Rape of Helen of Troy in the 1590s”

3 April 2008
“Identity in The Taming of the Shrew”
Renaissance Society of America

1 April 2008    
“Where there’s a Will there’s a Way”
Sunday Times Oxford Literary Festival
Oxford, 10.30am


27 December 2007
Modern Languages Association of America
“Beauty and Language”

12 October 2007
Woodstock Literary Festival, 10:30am.
"Where there's a Will there's a Way"

15 August 2007
Blackwell's Bookshop
Broad Street, Oxford, 6:30pm
"Where there's a Will there's a Way"

12 August 2007
Shakespeare Summer School
University of Cambridge

18 July 2007 Shakespeare Birthplace Trust
Stratford upon Avon

29 May, 2007 Shakespeare’s Globe, London, 6pm.
Othello (pre-play talk)

3 May, 2007
Denny lecture for the Worshipful Company of Barbers, London (www.barberscompany.org.uk)
“‘What’s in a name?’: Shakespeare, Theatre, and the City of London”

23 April 2007
Woman's Hour BBC Radio 4

6 April 2007
Shakespeare Association of America, San Diego
“Representing Helen of Troy; or, What Did You Do in the War, Mummy?”

25 March 2007
Oxford Literary Festival
“Shakespeare’s Tragedies: Why They Endure”
(with John Barton, Michael Dobson, Robert Gore-Langton, and Janet Suzman)

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